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Boyne Personal Injury Law is proud to have been designated Leading Lawyers status reflecting our standing as a top law firm in the area of “Workers’ Compensation Law” by LeadingLawyers.com.  Our firm was contacted in late September 2015 by Leading Lawyers to inform us that in a peer-review survey conducted by their Advisory Board, Boyne Injury Law was ranked within the top 5% by our fellow attorneys when asked the question: “If a family member or friend needs legal help and you can’t take the case, which lawyers would you recommend within your area of law or geographic region?”

Kevin Boyne, St Clair County Injury LawyerLeading Lawyers utilizes a four-phase research process in determining their annual designees. First, Law Bulletin Publishing Company mails surveys to all lawyers licensed in Illinois and asks them to name law firms other than their own whose representation they trust and would recommend. Next, Leading Lawyers contacts top attorneys from over 100 practice areas and discusses peer recommendations by mail, phone, fax and email. These in-depth discussions are weighted more heavily than the initial questionnaire.  Third, attorneys receiving the most nominations are pre-selected for membership while they are reviewed for ethical standing to ensure that there are no legal or ethical violations of note. Finally, selectees are reviewed by the Leading Lawyers Advisory Board and upon approval the selected firms are contacted.

Boyne Injury Law is honored and proud to receive this designation that truly comes from our peers in the legal community. Every day we strive to earn our reputation as aggressive advocates for our injured clients, understanding that they put their family’s lives and livelihoods in our hands in search of a fair judgement to compensate for life-changing injuries that might otherwise cause them and their families great hardships.

“It is always our goal to be recognized and recommended by our clients and by other attorneys for our hard work and our commitment to representing our clients in a fair and aggressive manner,” says Kevin Boyne. “We are proud to have been named in the top 5% of attorneys practicing in our field by Leading Lawyer.”

For more information, go to: LeadingLawyers.com