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How Do I Know If My Personal Injury Case Has a Legal Claim and Merit?

Personal Injury in the CourtroomThe first thing on the minds of our accident and injury clients is whether or not their case has legal merit. As a personal injury lawyer I look at several factors to answer this question:

1. Is there evidence to support your case?

Do you have, or could we obtain, evidence and documentation about your accident such as accurate notes, police reports, medical records and records that indicate that the responsible parties have been notified? It is important to gather these pieces of documentation sooner rather than later as all claims have time limitations within which they must be filed. If you don’t actually have them in your possession that’s okay. My office generally obtains most of these documents with our client’s authorization.

2. Is it clear who is at fault for your accident?

Generally, you can determine fault by asking if the accident was a result of someone being careless or less careful than they should have been and whether that carelessness caused the accident to occur. Sometimes, more than one party is at fault. Your personal injury attorney will ask you about the nature of the accident to help ascertain who is at fault. This is to determine whether fault or negligence can be shown. It is best that you seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later to assist you through the process from beginning to end. My office prefers to be involved as soon as possible so that we may investigate, obtain the necessary documentation, and avoid common mistakes often made by persons not represented by attorneys in these situations. Contact Boyne Injury Law right now to get started.

3. Other factors in your personal injury case…

Kevin Boyne, St Clair County Injury LawyerOther factors that may affect your accident or injury case positively or negatively may include: damages you have sustained, “pain and suffering”, defense arguments against your claim or whether you are making a claim against the government. A personal injury lawyer will be able to assess your legal claim’s validity by considering the evidence supporting your claim as well as predicting and dealing with any refutations from the defense.

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