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Hurt in an Automobile AccidentWhat Should I Do If I’m Injured In A Car Accident?

There’s a lot of information out there about what to do when you’re at the scene of your car accident. Most of the lists are things not to do: Don’t leave the scene, Don’t Forget to Document, Don’t admit fault.

Chances are by the time you’re reading this the initial dust has already settled and you’re at home wondering what to do next. Perhaps your car accident injury landed you or your loved one in the hospital. Maybe you have returned to work or possibly you are unable to return to work because of your car accident injuries. In any case you are likely concerned about spending too much time away from your job, accumulating hospital bills, restoring your damaged vehicle, responsibilities to your family and resuming your life. You’re wondering what to do now.

Auto Accident Injury Questions

Kevin Boyne, St Clair County Injury LawyerIt’s not too late to consider how an auto accident attorney can help you. Let’s explore some of the issues that you may be dealing with.

Is accident fault being contested?

If the other driver or his insurance company are contesting fault in the accident an auto accident attorney can help you organize and present  your case in the best light to prove the other driver was at fault to ensure that you recover your medical bills, lost wages and are compensated for the pain and problems those injuries have caused you. If your claim isn’t presented properly it may be denied.

When your medical expenses, repair expenses, lost wages and other expenses are at risk it is important to consult with an auto accident attorney to be sure your case is as solid as it needs to be. An accident attorney will help you sort out and present the evidence pertaining to your case to give you the best chance at making a recovery.

Medical bills, loss of income, other expenses.

When it comes to automobile accidents some expenses seem more obvious than others. For instance you will likely receive invoices or bills for hospital expenses and car repair expenses; however, you might not be able to calculate expenses such as time away from work, pain and suffering, and other expenses related to your auto accident that you wouldn’t know you are entitled to.

Even when you know the expenses you may not know how to handle them in the most favorable manner. For instance, many people don’t want to turn in their medical bills to their health insurance if they are for treatment of injuries that were someone else’s fault. They reason “ My health insurance shouldn’t have to pay for this since it was the other driver’s fault” and don’t turn the bills into their health insurance. While this may seem logical, it is a mistake. Your health insurance will pay the bills off at a discounted rate. Although the medical bills are paid at a discounted rate, you will still be able to recover the full amount of the medical bills from the party at fault. The reason for this is the “Collateral Source Rule”. This is a legal principal that doesn’t allow the party at fault to benefit from the fact that you provided yourself with health insurance. The Collateral Source Rule is a prime example of knowledge a skilled and experienced trial attorney will have that most people would not otherwise know of.

What is the extent of your injury and recovery?

Auto accident injuries can take time to heal and some injuries can affect you permanently. When it comes to potentially life-changing consequences such as compensation for injuries that may affect the rest of your life it is important to understand everything that you are agreeing to or fighting for. People hurt in an automobile accident are in a fragile state. This is when you need an experienced professional auto accident attorney looking out for your best interests.

Is your case to be decided in a court of law?

Besides having thoroughly and competently preparing your case and evidence, there are procedural rules that must be followed in court. An auto accident attorney knows the law, knows the common pitfalls associated with proving your case in an automobile accident and is available to do the work of gathering evidence and organizing your case.

The services of an automobile accident attorney include:

  • Acting on your behalf from the beginning of the claims process to the end.
  • Negotiating for you with the automobile insurance company.
  • Representing you in court if a lawsuit is necessary.
  • Arguing your side of the story before a judge or jury.

As you go through this crucial phase of your recovery it is important to understand  that both the other party’s insurance company and your insurance company are interested first and foremost in minimizing claims and that means paying you the least amount possible for your injuries and damages. Insurance company claims adjusters and lawyers work for their company and their shareholders, not you.

An example of this is in an uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist situation where you are being compensated by your own insurance company. The insurance company’s interest is in settling the claim for as little as possible even if it means you are not fully compensated for your damages or injuries.

Simply put, the insurance companies would never consider entering into any of their agreements without proper counsel; neither should you.

If you are injured in Missouri or Illinois in a rear-end, collision, commercial truck accident, motorcycle crash, hit and run accident, drunk driving accident, uninsured or underinsured motorist accident, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident or any other vehicle collision resulting in injuries or wrongful death Boyne Injury Law can help you.

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